Hello Sunny Bunny, you have been born into a family of bookworms! From my side of the family and your dad’s side, just don’t count your uncles, I don’t think that anyone of them like to read anything other than their timelines on Facebook and Twitter. Growing up, I remember that your granny had a […]

Water baby

Summer, actually  more like Spring has been hot! It seems that our weather  system has forgotten the “transition” season where we all go from jackets, scarves and boots to “barely there” clothing. My favorite seasons are Autumn and Spring precisely because we are eased into Winter and Summer. To be honest, I’ve never like Summer […]

Hello Sunny Bunny

Hello my angel, you are obviously too young to read but you definitely know what’s going on. Sunny Bunny, along with many other names like: baby-angel and mom’s baby boy (your father says I’ll have to stop calling you that now) is what I call you… I started this blog as a way of expressing […]