Now that you’ve started talking, here are some of the really cute things you say:

Your first word wasn’t mamma or dadda (despite our “training”), no, you decided to say “up”. Now up means up and down.

After you mastered mamma and dadda, you now call EVERYONE ‘mamma’ and ‘dadda’ is still reserved for dadda and my heart is very sore.

Other words include:  ‘ball’, ‘door’ and your all time favorite, ‘there’! I somehow think that you have lazy tendencies because you say ‘there” (depending on where you point) we have to figure out what you want.

You’re such a smart little boy, if I ask you to point out an animal, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If I ask you to tell me what that animal is, you simply call it ‘dadda’. The only animal name you choose to say is “cuck” which means “duck” and the “cuck” says: “cuck, cuck, cuck” instead of “quack, quack, quack”. You generally name the animals by the sound they make, like a frog, instead of “ribbit”, you just say “brrr, brrr, brrr” and “cuck, cuck”, “moo” is for cows and horses it seems and “neeeow” is for a cat.

One of my all time favorites is your word for apple, since you’re still learning to pronounce words, you call it an “up-phi-da”.

When it comes to naming body parts, you’re right on with, mouth, teeth, nose and hair but you call eyes and ears, “eyes”.

Disney Junior  is your channel and boy do you love to watch Mickey Mouse Club House. What really gets me tickled is how you blatantly refuse to help when asked, your simple and constant response is: “uh-uh”, as in no ways.


One thought on “Samuelisms…..

  1. Hello my Gampa. I just want to remind you of another word in your vocab that was also one of the few first words. I must also tell you that more often than not you used it in the right context as well. If you dropped or broke something your immediate response was “oh oh” and of course my all time favorite word when you saw something for the first time like animals in the game reserve or something that liked the expression in your eyes and your being was “WoW”. As you discover life and things, may the world continue to wow you. One thing for sure you never cease to wow me. Love you to the heavens and back. Your Gampa.

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