Motivational Monday


You’re so cayooot…

This morning I was reading a post that Yeeyam (Liam) and Anna (Hannah’s) mummy, aunty Robyn, did about how sweet and utterly coot your friends have and are being. That reminded me of the stuff you’ve said and doing lately and I (obviously) just had to share.

You and your dad were lounging around (being VERY lazy) while I continued to unpack the boxes in the new house and I was complaining bitterly to your dad about how sore my fingers were from all the cuts and scrapes. You politely put your hand out to take mine and asked if “got a sore” (got hurt) and when I said yes, you immediately pulled me to you for a hug and then proceeded to kiss it better and say “sowee mummy”. I was so taken aback that I nearly cried on the spot, it was so touching to see you respond so lovingly.

Later on the same evening, your dad was showing a picture of one of his colleagues and their partner, it was nothing for you to take the phone, look at the couple and say “dat’s so coot”. Your dad and I burst out laughing because clearly you didn’t get the just of the photo and we realised that it’s something you’ve learned from school.

My all time favourite is taking you to bed or saying goodnight to you. This is pretty much our conversation.

Me: Good night my Sunny.

You: Goo night mum.

Me: I love you.

You: I wuff woooo.

Me: See you in the morning. (Secretly hoping that ONE day you’ll figure out that you should stay in YOUR bed until the morning)

You: See in na mo-ning.

You’re such an amazing little star. Lots of my Sunny Bunny, Mum xxx

Weekend fun in the bush

This weekend, we went to meet grampa Mark and granny Cassy at their holiday home at Ngwenya Lodge boardering The Kruger National Park. You first game drive was a delight as you recognised all the “usual” animals like and “ephant” & a “zeeba”. Then you learned about “pala” & “war-hods”. Your uncle Narno & I grew up going to game reserves for holidays, I hope you enjoyed this holiday as much as I did as a child too.
Lots of love, Mum xxx

Just wanted to say hi…

Hello my precious Sunny Bunny, you are such a special little boy.

You’ve been attending swimming lessons after your mishaps and you are loving every minute of your lessons.

Your teacher at school says that you are shy in your group setting and yet at home you’re not. I immediately thought of your dad and I as kids, we were very shy as well. You and I are “slow to warm up” and are cautious by nature.

Your speech has developed so much since you’ve started school, you say some of the funniest things and I’m blown away almost every day by your progress. I look forward to you bringing home your little creations from school. They are so cute. And the latest is that you are now able to count to 10!!!

I’m so happy with the bundle of joy that God gave me in you.

Love you to bits and pieces, Mom xxx

Doing Dishes

I heard the sound of dishes coming from the kitchen and you dad and I were both in the lounge. You had carried your table around but I didn’t notice where you had taken it. That is until I walked into the kitchen and saw you were washing dishes.
My heart melted, a grin spread onto my face and then I had to document this moment to remind you when you’re 15 and too big to do chores, that at one stage you wanted to do it.
Love you baby boy, Mom xxx

empty spaces that “need” filling

Dear Sunny Bunny,
I don’t know what to do with you Sunny Bunny! Since we’ve started packing up, you have been squeezing yourself into all kinds of places but this one takes the cake!!! And then you got stuck and couldn’t get out but you figured it out eventually.
So please stop with the tricks now, love you always, mum xxx



stuck on your back

stuck on your back

you figured how to get out

you figured how to get out



Like father like son

This is your cousin Ethan. At the moment you two are sick and want your “ganny”. She took Ethan to his Paed and has come to visit you.
Ethan is having lunch but like his father, uncle narno, he’s not eating his peas and throwing them out of his bowl of pasta. Its a family joke about how ganny over do it when she fed us peas and a side of mince as children!

Another thing he does like his dad is walk and run on his toes. Ganny and gampa thought something was seriously wrong but uncle narno grew out of it as we expect your cousin to.

Love you two boys to the sky and back again. Watching you two play is more than entertaining every time.