UBER-belated birthday post

Hello my Sunny Bunny,

It’s that time of the year when I start writing exams, the UBER-early party-planning bug hits!!!! I think about the things that you are interested in and the movies you love to watch. There are a few like Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc (yes we are delayed) and of course Planes. Since I managed to bake a decent cake for your birthday, I thought I’d do it again this year BUT some of the cakes out there are amazing! Because I want to keep up my high standard (whatever), I have decided to plan your next birthday party based on which ever cake I can bake, hahahaha. Yes, I’m the planner.

I realized that I didn’t post pics from your 3rd birthday so here are a few. It turned out to be such a lovely day shared with special friends and family. The best thing for me was that we got to have a party in our back yard, it was a big deal!

I’m already shopping around for cake and cupcake ideas already…. Woohoo.

Besides all that fun stuff (for me), you have grown in leaps and bounds. The words that come out of your mouth amaze me (in a good way). You’re learning manners and (a very small measure) of patience. You’re in your own bed now (thank you Jesus) and that’s another post for another day! But I love the age you’re T, you need us a little less (whew) but still want us around. I absolutely love that you’re shy, you remind me so much of myself everyday, it’s a precious gift you give to me. A big part of your nature has made me a better mother to you because I understand you completely. You are still my sunshine.

Love you my son.


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