Such a special moment in time

Dear Sam, I’ve been waiting to get these very special photos for a while from granny because it represented a moment in time that you will never understand, but I do hope that one day you can appreciate how lucky you were to have all FOUR GG’s (great grannies) AND BOTH grannies (rather 1 granny & 1 Nan) in the same place to take a photo with you (the only uninterested one in the whole thing).
It was GG Phylis’ 80th birthday party and we were all there to celebrate that wonderful milestone in her life. We drove down to Eshowe, got all dressed up and danced the night away WITH HER. Make no mistake, that GG is a mover and a shaker, literally! I sincerely hope that you get to hear plenty stories of this feisty GG – she’s amazing because she’s lived through more hardships than anyone should endure and yet she’s still so full of love for her family.
Back to the party. You my little love, we’re on your worst behaviour! You were only interested in being with the one and only grandpa (it’s not to say that you don’t love being with your Pa, just ask your Nan). There was no way we could get you to sit still for 0.2 seconds.
Your Nan and granny will share more about your GG’s but I just wanted to show the the before and after photos. There’s Ma Ogle on the left next to granny Kathleen, who is no longer with us. Then there’s the birthday girl, Ouma, standing next to her is your granny Cassy and then your Nan Theona. In the chair is GG Doreen. Oh and one little boy who’s loved dearly by them all who can’t wait to be back in the arms of his beloved grandpa Mark.
Never forget how special and important family is my son, we were never meant to live as islands on our own.




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