A much needed catch up…

So Sunny Bunny,  it’s now the beginning of your December holidays and I wish that I had enrolled you in a holiday programme of sorts because you are driving somewhat batty now that both of us are at home, you are high maintenance!

Besides that, we’re waiting for granny Cassy to send us photos of your 3rd birthday party!!! She’s killing me.

You also had your first school concert which I was so excited about. I invited granny, grandpa, uncle “Narno”, aunty Jena and Ethan to see the spectacular little event. For weeks leading up to your concert, your dad and I thoroughly enjoyed your random burst into songs and rhymes. I loved trying to decipher your unique take on the lyrics, you had us in stitches. The heart-breaker came on the D-day when you politely told us that you would NOT sing. And you didn’t. As soon as you and I got to the school and you saw your friends, you even refused to jump out of the car. With lots of hugs and reassurance we managed to walk inside and then you went to swing and slide. The show obviously went on without you (and thankfully one other friend of yours) but you sang along from on top of the jungle gym. I must admit to being somewhat disappointed as I had charged the video camera from the night before and had my other little camera on stand-by. Gran had brought a lovely little picnic for us to have but you had other plans. Maybe next year will be somewhat different.

Earlier this year, I enrolled you in Saturday swimming classes with Aqua-tots in Morningside after two falls into pools that scared the living daylights out of me. You absolutely love being in any water and it has been such a pleasure to watch as you grow in your confidence in the water and how much more cautious you are around water. You and I have been attending lessons everyday this week for a December-Intensive program and you have amazed me. You’re learning to submerge and come up to breathe as well as learning how to swim to the wall. Not forgetting how you asked me to move out of the way at the end of the lesson so that you could dive-bomb (a never seen before with you) and then swim (paddle) your way back to the step, its been amazing.

Christmas is around the corner and I’m looking forward to observing you at this time. You’re like a sponge these days, absorbing everything in your little world.

Love mum xxx



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