Humming along

For a while now you’ve been singing to yourself and also entertaining us with your rendition of popular nursery rhymes like: “Baa baa black sheep (weny weny wool)” or “twinkle twinkle nittle star”. All too precious for words. A few days ago however, you started singing about a “nittle donkey” and “star night, star bright” and it took me a while to catch on. In your school bag was a news letter informing your dad and I that, very soon, your “nittle school” will be hosting a nativity play – and then the light came on! You’ve been rehearsing your songs!!! I nearly cried because I was so surprised that you would remember what you have (obviously) been learning a school and because I KNOW that I am going to BALL MY EYES OUT when I see you doing your thing.
You surprise me daily with the things you say, including your manners. I’m so glad I get to be your (soppy, emotional) mom.

Looking forward to your 1st “nittle” concert.

Love you to the moon and back, Mum xxx


One thought on “Humming along

  1. I pray that mister is going to conclude the “nittle concert” without crying for his gampa, or his gampa will have to watch him from the shadows……and cousin Ethan might have to do the same thing too!!!!

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