With Love from Nan

During the holidays, dad takes you down to Durban to visit your grandparents and uncles whom you love so much. Here’s what your Nan had to say about you staying with them.

These visits to Durban was always special as I would get an opportunity to baby sit you while Mum and Dad went out. At first you hated to be alone with your Nan. You didn’t mind at all if Pa and Uncles Marvin and Joel were around. You would happily play ball with your Uncles, but if I interfered with you by kissing or loving you, you would firmly say “No Nan” with an annoyed look on your face which I found to be the cutest. You would go on to saying “You’re not my fwend Nan” to which I would respond “that’s ok I still love you.”
When you became hungry or thirsty you would call out loudly ” Nan, where are you? ” and that would be the only time you called for me. You were intelligent enough to know that I would be the one to provide the eats and drinks (lol).
However the last visit to Durban was so enjoyable because you allowed me to baby-sit you without your Pa and Uncles being present. We stood at the door and waved goodbye to Dada and you and I went to the bedroom where we first played a little game together. I was so thrilled about how good you were with the game and I said to you “good boy Sam”. Then you decided it was my turn to play and then you said to me when I was done “good boy Nan”. That was so amusing for me that I burst into laughter and you looked at me as though I was mad. After the game we watched a “movie” together and the first 10 minutes into the movie you were lights out.
You loved the bathroom off the kitchen, as this had a hand basin that was low enough for you to reach and the tap was easy to open. Whenever it was quiet and we couldn’t find you, we knew that you would be having a glorious time with the water with the tap running and your clothes would be sopping wet. Precious moments spent with you.
Love you so much my baby boy.



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