Your dad and grandpa Lawrence are technology-freaks! They have gismo’s and gadgets for everything! I don’t know anyone that can keep up with them, they are seriously obsessed.

It seems that you have taken a liking to technology as well. Actually, it seems to be the only thing that causes “suicide hour” in our house – that is, when you see the iPad and can’t play with it.

Your skill amazes me. In no time, you learned to use your finger to scroll through the apps, you know how to bring your fingers together to close it and you’re pretty clued up how to use the apps (that cater to your age, obviously). Could it be though that you get your smarts from me? I’m sure your dad would beg to differ.

When I think of growing up, I recall how: the first computer I came into contact with took 15 minutes to boot-up, no lie; as kids, your uncle and I were the tv channel changers; telephones where fixed to the wall and entertainment on long trips was pretty much left up to your imagination.

Kids your age now know how to use remotes and speak to family while the cell phone is on speaker, you’ve only ever seen HD and will grow up with 3D and entertainment on long trips is whatever plays on your portable dvd players. You’re very fortunate to have access to all the advances.

Amazed by you, love mum xxx


One thought on “Techno-babe

  1. I could not agree more, Neen. A great obsession for ‘gadgets’ .
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