And then there were four

Sunny Bunny, you have shared a bed with your father and I since you were born! That’s a grand total of 2 years, 5 days, 7 hours, 55 minutes and 32 seconds!!! We’ve endured many sleepless nights while you were sick or teething or just wanted to climb the walls because you had learned how to stand. You my child, were relentless. You were breast fed for a year so it made it easier for me to have you (extra) close because your darling of a father woke up for nothing, nada, Zilch, fresca!!! Not. A. Thing. Unless I punched him in the ribs or gave him a backhand – he was useless (at night only, somewhat convenient though wouldn’t you say).
Apart from that, the Highveld winters were/are to harsh for a little body to be left in the cold so I convinced myself that you needed one last winter with our warm bodies to keep you alive, yes alive.
Now that summer has come along and you’re sleeping for much longer. Let me just interject with a small story about the amount of times you woke up before we came to bed!!! It was lots, loads, many, numerous, like the numbers of the stars in the sky – too many too count. Okay, so I’ve exaggerated only a little but dude, you got up every half and hour to forty-five minutes!!! Not for boob or bottle but for a cuddle and then you’d settle again. It was kind of annoying at times but your dad and I took turns to see to you. You were hard work, again, relentless.
Back to the story at hand – no longer do we sleep three in a bed, its now FOUR since Freddie the Frog or Brrr-Brrr as you fondly call him (this is because you can’t say frog and refer to animals by the sounds they make). I brought Freddie to bed with you for a month or two now while we make you sleep. You’ve never formed an attachment to anything, like ever. No dummy. No toy. No blankie. Nothing. Up until now. Its not exactly an attachment but you do ask for him (in you own mambo gumbo way) when its time for a dudu (a sleep), or maybe that is an attachment. Anyway, I’m all for it because then my face, ears and hands get a break from your incessant need to touch. And I’m mostly the poor sod who gets tortured.
So now that Freddie has joined the club, your dad and I are getting you your very own bed to share with Freddie, yay (for me)!!! I realize that you sleep better on your own nowdays but don’t worry, you’ll share a room with us for a start and then you’ll be out in your own room.
One of the things I know I’ll miss is watching you sleep. Funny thing is that I don’t sleep properly if you’re not with me, looks like I’ll need some sleep training to adjust. And I worry that you get cold in the middle of the night once you’ve kicked the blankets off. I’ll also miss the convenience of hearing your breathing change or feeling that you’ve developed a temperature in the night, but since you don’t get sick that often, I’m guessing that doesn’t count.
Note, this is not our first attempt at getting you out, we tried it when you were a few months old and then again about a year ago. We’ve brought you back out of convenience but we’ve learned that big changes take time so we’ll have to wait and see how we all adjust. In all honesty, I only left your grandparents room when I was three!!!

Looking forward to more space (in my bed) but you’ll always be welcome

Love Mom xxx

Sunny Bunny & Freddie

Sunny Bunny & Freddie


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