UBER-belated birthday pics












UBER-belated birthday post

Hello my Sunny Bunny,

It’s that time of the year when I start writing exams, the UBER-early party-planning bug hits!!!! I think about the things that you are interested in and the movies you love to watch. There are a few like Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc (yes we are delayed) and of course Planes. Since I managed to bake a decent cake for your birthday, I thought I’d do it again this year BUT some of the cakes out there are amazing! Because I want to keep up my high standard (whatever), I have decided to plan your next birthday party based on which ever cake I can bake, hahahaha. Yes, I’m the planner.

I realized that I didn’t post pics from your 3rd birthday so here are a few. It turned out to be such a lovely day shared with special friends and family. The best thing for me was that we got to have a party in our back yard, it was a big deal!

I’m already shopping around for cake and cupcake ideas already…. Woohoo.

Besides all that fun stuff (for me), you have grown in leaps and bounds. The words that come out of your mouth amaze me (in a good way). You’re learning manners and (a very small measure) of patience. You’re in your own bed now (thank you Jesus) and that’s another post for another day! But I love the age you’re T, you need us a little less (whew) but still want us around. I absolutely love that you’re shy, you remind me so much of myself everyday, it’s a precious gift you give to me. A big part of your nature has made me a better mother to you because I understand you completely. You are still my sunshine.

Love you my son.

Such a special moment in time

Dear Sam, I’ve been waiting to get these very special photos for a while from granny because it represented a moment in time that you will never understand, but I do hope that one day you can appreciate how lucky you were to have all FOUR GG’s (great grannies) AND BOTH grannies (rather 1 granny & 1 Nan) in the same place to take a photo with you (the only uninterested one in the whole thing).
It was GG Phylis’ 80th birthday party and we were all there to celebrate that wonderful milestone in her life. We drove down to Eshowe, got all dressed up and danced the night away WITH HER. Make no mistake, that GG is a mover and a shaker, literally! I sincerely hope that you get to hear plenty stories of this feisty GG – she’s amazing because she’s lived through more hardships than anyone should endure and yet she’s still so full of love for her family.
Back to the party. You my little love, we’re on your worst behaviour! You were only interested in being with the one and only grandpa (it’s not to say that you don’t love being with your Pa, just ask your Nan). There was no way we could get you to sit still for 0.2 seconds.
Your Nan and granny will share more about your GG’s but I just wanted to show the the before and after photos. There’s Ma Ogle on the left next to granny Kathleen, who is no longer with us. Then there’s the birthday girl, Ouma, standing next to her is your granny Cassy and then your Nan Theona. In the chair is GG Doreen. Oh and one little boy who’s loved dearly by them all who can’t wait to be back in the arms of his beloved grandpa Mark.
Never forget how special and important family is my son, we were never meant to live as islands on our own.



A much needed catch up…

So Sunny Bunny,  it’s now the beginning of your December holidays and I wish that I had enrolled you in a holiday programme of sorts because you are driving somewhat batty now that both of us are at home, you are high maintenance!

Besides that, we’re waiting for granny Cassy to send us photos of your 3rd birthday party!!! She’s killing me.

You also had your first school concert which I was so excited about. I invited granny, grandpa, uncle “Narno”, aunty Jena and Ethan to see the spectacular little event. For weeks leading up to your concert, your dad and I thoroughly enjoyed your random burst into songs and rhymes. I loved trying to decipher your unique take on the lyrics, you had us in stitches. The heart-breaker came on the D-day when you politely told us that you would NOT sing. And you didn’t. As soon as you and I got to the school and you saw your friends, you even refused to jump out of the car. With lots of hugs and reassurance we managed to walk inside and then you went to swing and slide. The show obviously went on without you (and thankfully one other friend of yours) but you sang along from on top of the jungle gym. I must admit to being somewhat disappointed as I had charged the video camera from the night before and had my other little camera on stand-by. Gran had brought a lovely little picnic for us to have but you had other plans. Maybe next year will be somewhat different.

Earlier this year, I enrolled you in Saturday swimming classes with Aqua-tots in Morningside after two falls into pools that scared the living daylights out of me. You absolutely love being in any water and it has been such a pleasure to watch as you grow in your confidence in the water and how much more cautious you are around water. You and I have been attending lessons everyday this week for a December-Intensive program and you have amazed me. You’re learning to submerge and come up to breathe as well as learning how to swim to the wall. Not forgetting how you asked me to move out of the way at the end of the lesson so that you could dive-bomb (a never seen before with you) and then swim (paddle) your way back to the step, its been amazing.

Christmas is around the corner and I’m looking forward to observing you at this time. You’re like a sponge these days, absorbing everything in your little world.

Love mum xxx


You are my Son-shine

Hello my Sunny Bunny.
I just wanted to take a little bit of time out of my study break to reflect on one thing that I am grateful for today. Remember, that when times get tough and you feel down, FIND things to be grateful for. The word “find” is a verb, a doing-word, something that is or requires action. There will be many times when you don’t think there is anything or anyone to be grateful for but search and you will find. Being grateful shifts our hearts and our minds focus from negativity. It releases our souls and a gentle way and it makes us feel lighter. It’s good to be grateful and count our blessings.
I am so grateful that I get to wake up with you almost every morning! I (mostly) love how you look for me when you want me to dress you or when you’re done bathing or just want to sit on your bum-bum, which means you want to sit on me. This morning I took a little bit of time to watch you sleep. You are the most beautiful thing my life has ever produced. I would give anything to bottle that moment for all of eternity. In the busy-ness of our lives, not many people get a chance to take in special moments with their loved ones so I’m cherishing mine with you today.
You’re a special kind do special to me, love you to the sky and back again, Mum xxx


Humming along

For a while now you’ve been singing to yourself and also entertaining us with your rendition of popular nursery rhymes like: “Baa baa black sheep (weny weny wool)” or “twinkle twinkle nittle star”. All too precious for words. A few days ago however, you started singing about a “nittle donkey” and “star night, star bright” and it took me a while to catch on. In your school bag was a news letter informing your dad and I that, very soon, your “nittle school” will be hosting a nativity play – and then the light came on! You’ve been rehearsing your songs!!! I nearly cried because I was so surprised that you would remember what you have (obviously) been learning a school and because I KNOW that I am going to BALL MY EYES OUT when I see you doing your thing.
You surprise me daily with the things you say, including your manners. I’m so glad I get to be your (soppy, emotional) mom.

Looking forward to your 1st “nittle” concert.

Love you to the moon and back, Mum xxx

With Love from Nan

During the holidays, dad takes you down to Durban to visit your grandparents and uncles whom you love so much. Here’s what your Nan had to say about you staying with them.

These visits to Durban was always special as I would get an opportunity to baby sit you while Mum and Dad went out. At first you hated to be alone with your Nan. You didn’t mind at all if Pa and Uncles Marvin and Joel were around. You would happily play ball with your Uncles, but if I interfered with you by kissing or loving you, you would firmly say “No Nan” with an annoyed look on your face which I found to be the cutest. You would go on to saying “You’re not my fwend Nan” to which I would respond “that’s ok I still love you.”
When you became hungry or thirsty you would call out loudly ” Nan, where are you? ” and that would be the only time you called for me. You were intelligent enough to know that I would be the one to provide the eats and drinks (lol).
However the last visit to Durban was so enjoyable because you allowed me to baby-sit you without your Pa and Uncles being present. We stood at the door and waved goodbye to Dada and you and I went to the bedroom where we first played a little game together. I was so thrilled about how good you were with the game and I said to you “good boy Sam”. Then you decided it was my turn to play and then you said to me when I was done “good boy Nan”. That was so amusing for me that I burst into laughter and you looked at me as though I was mad. After the game we watched a “movie” together and the first 10 minutes into the movie you were lights out.
You loved the bathroom off the kitchen, as this had a hand basin that was low enough for you to reach and the tap was easy to open. Whenever it was quiet and we couldn’t find you, we knew that you would be having a glorious time with the water with the tap running and your clothes would be sopping wet. Precious moments spent with you.
Love you so much my baby boy.